Friday, 13 March 2015

Recently I won a Dual V Advance Reach W87-DV-R Wet and Dry Vacuum - White / Purple with on one of their Facebook competitions and as part of the prize I had to test out and review the product which I throughly enjoyed. (I will add this review in a separate post.) are a fantastic online appliance and electrical goods supplier with a huge range of products. They offer Free Next day delivery as standard which is very efficient and just what you need when an important appliance like a fridge freezer or washing machine needs replacing urgently and you can't manage without it. There is even an option for same day delivery if ordered before 12pm (midday) for only £29.99 - delivery is between 4.30pm-10pm which I find very impressive. This is a far cry from some of my previous experiences with other retailers who have left me waiting more than a week for my appliances and without a fridge or washing machine this is a disaster if you have a family to take care of. have obviously been listening to what people want and really understand the customer's needs to get their products delivered so quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

The website is very clear, well laid out and easy to navigate. The number of products on offer is huge, there are plenty of details about each item and a number of's own video reviews and also reviews done by customers. I particularly found it helpful to see the's official video when I chose my fridge freezers in the Summer. When buying a fridge freezer you need to know all the normal stuff like the dimensions and fridge and freezer capacity, but to actually see inside the appliance properly in a clear video is brilliant. Watching the official video I could see what the fridge and freezer compartments looked like, how many drawers there were, how many compartments, fridge shelves, door trays, bottle racks and to see how the space actually looked and if it could work for my family. It really was a touch of genuis. I've always loved buying online to get the cheapest price, but in the past it has always been pot-luck what the fridge freezer was actually like on the inside. Most online appliance retailers only have a very small image and it's usually very blurry too so it is extremely hard to make an informed decision - especially when trying to pick between one or more similar appliances. In the past I only got to see what I had bought when it actually turned up and by then it's been too late if it isn't ideal. This is actually how I ended up with 2 fridge freezers a few years ago. I ordered from a blurry picture and only realized when it was here that although there was ample freezer space, there wasn't enough fridge space and we needed to double up! Anyway having a good quality video that you can see the appliance close up and working definitely wins hands down.
The customer reviews are also very helpful as you get an unbiased opinion about the product with all the pros & cons. Again it helps you make an informed choice.
My fridge freezers were delivered with the minimum of fuss, brought right in to the kitchen and all the packaging taken away. interact with their customers and fans through their Facebook and Twitter pages. They hold fun regular competitions and encourage fans to post pictures and engage with their live stream. This was how I won a Vax carpet cleaner - I posted a picture relating to the theme they were exploring that day. I never expected to win so it was a really lovely surprise.'s customer service is excellent and I can highly recommend them.

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